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Our helpful resource topics

Parenting plans

Use a plan that takes into account all of the things that make your family unique. The following forms highlight the basic topics that should be covered in all court ordered plans. Use the following forms to organize your thoughts and develop a plan that will work for information specific to your state. For helpful information and state specific guidelines please contact your state or county agency

  1. Custody and Visitation Plan: .pdf .doc
  2. Weekly Schedule Chart: .pdf .doc
  3. Parenting Plan: .pdf .doc

Check with your local family circut court for self help informatin and forms to assist you.

  1. California Family Law Instructions and Forms
  2. California Self Help Center
  3. Florida State Court Self Help
  5. Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, 2008 Edition
  6. Legal Aid of Southern Florida
Self help

There are many resources online for the all states. Below are California links that offer FREE forms for you to fill out. If you need help, your local Family Law Facilitator may be able to help both of you write up an agreement.

  1. Fill out a Stipulation and Order for Custody and/or Visitation of Children (Form FL-355) as a cover sheet for your custody and visitation agreement.
  2. Fill out a Child Custody and Visitation Order Form (Form FL-341)
  3. Other forms you may want to use are:
  4. Children's Holiday Schedule Attachment (Form FL-341(C))
  5. Additional Provisions-Physical Custody Attachment (FL-341(D))
  6. Joint Legal Custody Attachment (FL-341(E))
  7. Both parents must sign the Stipulation and Order for Custody and/or Visitation of Children (Form FL-355) and then make copies.
  8. Turn in the original and 2 copies to the judge for the judge's signature.
  9. Once you have the judge's signature, make sure you file the Stipulation (agreement)and each parent has a copy.

We offer access to divorce and parenting resource materials, legal and legislative information, and a variety of articles for parents and children. This is an effort of offering as much support as we are able during this process.

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