Remote Mediation

What is Mediation?

Remote mediation is a cost-effective process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) assists you and your co-parent in resolving differences. The mediator aids in clarifying issues, looking at options in an effort to reach a workable settlement. It is a great option when you are in different locations and scheduling may be an issue. It is typically more flexible than in-person mediation and may include weekends. Remote mediation has similar goals and conduct to in-person but costs are generally less that standard in person hourly rates.


  • encourages direct communication between you and your co-parent
  • empowers you to make your own decisions
  • allows you to express your emotions
  • defuses anger
  • looks at creative ways to solve problems
  • promotes cooperation
  • preserves the strengths within relationships
  • establishes a plan to resolve future conflicts

Remote Mediation is Good for:

  • legal custody
  • parental decision making
  • shared vs. sole physical custody
  • child access
  • dissemination of information
  • vacation schedules 
  • sharing holidays
  • sports and extracurricular activities
  • medical issues
  • relocation issues
  • step parent and significant other issues
  • special needs
  • child support
  • financial issues

Why Remote Mediation?

Puts you in Control

A mediator is a neutral third-party, the facilitator and not the decision maker. The responsibility and authority in coming to an agreement you are comfortable with remains between you and your co-parent.

Finding Solutions

Remote mediation assists you and your co-parent with skills, allowing you be open and flexible, identifying solutions that meet both your needs.

Working Together

The goal should be to minimize litigation. Remote mediation helps you and your co-parent work together and resolve problems outside of court.

Managing Communication

Remote mediation gives you a platform to tell your story, to acknowledge your feelings and emotions and promote an understanding of yourself as well as your co-parent.

Getting Results

Due to your active involvement there is typically a higher commitment to upholding your settlement.


Remote mediation may be less intimidating than going to court. Giving you the flexibility to meet at a convenient time and location frees both you and your co-parent up to find solutions.

Speed up the process

With court dockets jammed and mediators limited, remote mediation may allow you to create agreements with hours or weeks rather than months or years.

Lower your costs

Court can become VERY expensive. Remote mediation services are typically a very cost effective solution to finding solutions. Even partial settlements lighten the load on litigation fees.


Unlike most court cases, which are matters of public record, all mediation is confidential.

Remote Mediation at Work

Attitude and Motivation

When you participate in remote mediation with the idea of reaching an agreement that resolves the dispute, the chances of a resolution are greater than when you approach the mediation with a negative attitude. Being open,honest and flexible gives you the opportunity to communicate with your co-parent in order to find a workable solution.

Forgive and Forget

If you understand the advantages of getting past the difficult time and put the litigation behind you will allow you to approach remote mediation with an attitude that will lead to resolutions and results. If you approach remote mediation willing to put your personal bias aside, look for creative options and focus on a workable solution, will increase your ability to find closure.

The Logistics of Remote Mediation

Remote mediation may take place at any time during the process of divorce/separation. It is voluntary and you are encouraged to contact your mediator for a complimentary brief call or email limited to the topic of concern. Your co-parent is encouraged to contact them as well. Typically remote mediation is scheduled at a time convenient for you and your co-parent and you are not required to be in the same location. An agreement to mediate will be drawn up along with payment arrangements. Costs are typically split between you and your co-parent. There are no restrictions regarding the number of sessions and progress depends on your willingness to come to an agreement.

I am interested - let's get started

Connect with a professional to determine if remote mediation will work for you.


The mediators referred by are independent contractors and are not affiliates or employees of No mediation information will be shared with and all service agreements and payment arrangements are exclusively between the perspective mediating parties and the mediator. Our mediators are carefully screen and selected and meet our high expectations of reliability, skill and problem-solving ability.

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