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Datos e Información

Resumen Del Año 2023

New Online Co-Parenting / Divorce Class

Through several years of research and development, is pleased to have updated our co-parenting / divorce class this year. This co-parenting class is our Level 1 foundational co-parenting class, which focuses on families in transition. Parents learn skills to avoid common mistakes in an effort to work together with their co-parent for the sake of the children.

Our former co-parenting class was taken by over 80,000 parents and based on extensive feedback we have made the following updates:

  1. In addition to subtitles, we are now including voice-overs for the Spanish version of the co-parenting class.
  2. Being sensitive to our audience.
  3. We now offer three versions of our co-parenting class. Each version uses wording that should feel inclusive and appropriate for that group of parents to help them embrace their roles as co-parents.

Expanding Our Reach is quickly pivoting to help families and courts in need during this unwieldy time. We are expanding our reach to assist other agencies and professionals and have now provided nearly 45,000 parents and 300 counties with discounted programs to ensure we are doing our part to provide for families that would benefit from programs they transition into a new normal.

Padres Satisfechos

Según la encuesta que realizamos, averiguamos que al 73% de los padres se les había ordenado que asistieran a un curso de educación y el 84% de esos padres recomendarían a otras personas. es un programa centrado en resultados. Nuestro singular marco de evaluación en línea establece y mide los resultados de nuestras clases. Utilizamos esos datos para mejorar nuestro plan de estudios, contenido y diseño.

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