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Facts and Information

The Year in Review

The Year in Review OnlineParentingPrograms.com is pleased to partner with New Ways for Families® and The High Conflict Institute to now provide skills based high-conflict co-parenting classes.

Through this partnership OnlineParentingPrograms.com demonstrates its ongoing commitment to parent outcomes and to transparency.

These online classes help parents strengthen conflict skills to come up with personal strategies for solving problems and focuses protecting children from as their family reorganizes in new ways.

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OnlineParentingPrograms.com is dedicated to serving parents and strengthening skills for positive future behavior.

Online parenting classes are widely recognized by county courts; however, if you are court ordered to take a parent education class, it is always best to check with your county court, government agency or designated administrator in your area to verify their acceptance of an online course.

Satisfied Parents

From our program survey, we learn that 73% of parents were court mandated to complete an educational program and of those mandated, 84% would recommend OnlineParentingPrograms.com to others.

OnlineParentingPrograms.com is an outcomes-focused program. Our unique online-model assessment framework specifies and measures outcomes in all our programs. We use this data to improve our curriculum and content and design.

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