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Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions were developed by in response to the numerous requests for information we received from our parents. The answers to the questions provided in this section are general in nature and are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship or to replace specific legal advice. offers various programs specific to your situation. Many of our programs are court mandated, but you may also wish to take our online classes to improve your personal skills. Please check with your county to determine which class will best fulfill your mandated court requirement.

Divorce/Separation or Never Married Couples

If you are in the middle of a divorce/separation and have children, you may be required to take a parenting course, either by the court, your attorney or your co-parent. You should register for our Online Co-Parenting Class. This class focuses on how to communicate and co-parent for the benefit of your children. All parent education programs are online and self-paced. is nationally recognized in over 1400 counties and has been taken by over 200,000 parents.

Custody Dispute or Child Support

If you are going to court for custody or child support issues and have been mandated to take a parenting course, either by the court, your attorney or your co-parent, you should register for the Online Co-Parenting Class.

Dependency Court, Child Protective Services or the Department of Children and Family Services

If you are involved with any of these agencies you will want to confirm that an online program will meet your mandated requirement. Our Parenting Skills - Thrive, Parenting Skills and High Conflict Personality programs may all be applicable and very good options. Contact your caseworker or county advocate and request to take our program. You may wish to print out our course outline and present it to the agency to evaluation our online programs.

Criminal case involving child abuse or neglect charges

For criminal case that involve child abuse or neglect charges, your Judge or county official may order parenting classes.

In certain cases your attorney has suggested that you take a class in preparation for a court appearance. Our Parenting Skills - Thrive, Parenting Skills and High Conflict Personality programs may all be applicable and very good options. Contact your caseworker or county advocate and request to take our program. You may wish to print out our course outline and present it to the agency to evaluation our online programs.

When your children been removed from your care?

If your children have been removed from your home by Child Protective Services, the Department of Child and Family Services or any other governmental agency, you will most likely be required to take a Parenting Skills - Thrive Program. This program works in parallel with your caseworker or corresponding government agency and provides the skills needed to protect your child and care for your child successfully.

If you registered but are experiencing difficulty logging in or continually being redirected back to the login page, try to open up a different browser such as Firefox and or Chrome and login from there. If you continue to experience issues, contact us and we will be happy to further assist.

Online classes are meant to be taken by one person not as a group. You are able to take and pay for multiple programs one the same account. Parenting class fee includes: 30-day class access, all online class materials, life application, quizzes, videos, final exam and certificate of completion. Unlimited access once certificate is issued. You have the ability to review and access your program upon completion by clicking on the class title. Classes start at $29.99. View All Online Programs.

You can pay using any major credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards. If you need to pay by another method or you are experiencing difficulty, please contact us and we will make arrangements specific to your needs.


Included with all Online Parenting Programs are your downloadable certificates. Once you complete your parenting program you will be able to immediately download and print out your certificate. Simply login from your “My Profile” and click on the “Get Certificate”.

You have access to unlimited free downloads with your registration.

Login into your account and go to “My Profile” and click on the “Get Certificate” or “Order/Download Certificates”. You may download your Certificate of Completion for free or you may request a Corporate Certificate of Completion be mailed priority for an additional charge.

If for some reason you believe you paid for and registered for one of the online programs but it does not show up on your profile, it most likely means that your transaction was not processed by us and/or was declined. You may click on the “Purchase Additional Classes” to register for the program you would like to take or contact us and we will be happy to assist.

All of our online class pages provide information and a course outline. If you would like a detailed course outline, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

If your county has chosen to participate in our County Verification Fund, then YES, you may be eligible for a reduced rate. Check with your county court or contact us to see if you qualify for this program. will also qualify low income/indigent if you contact us.

Pages and sections are timed so it will take you at least the designated time listed to complete your program. You have the option to log in and out per your schedule but programs are all timed to equal the time reflected for the program you select.

The classes are self-paced and may be taken at your convenience. You have up to 30 days to complete the class. (Please Note: You are required to take the Final Exam in one sitting, but you may retake the final as many times as necessary until you pass with a score of 75% or better).

If our online program is not recognized by your local court or government agency, contact us and we will attempt to contact the court on your behalf to determine eligibility. If you have already paid for the online program and it is determined that your county or government agency will not recognize our online parent education programs we will refund your money provided we have written proof from your family court or attorney within 30 days of purchase minus the $5 processing fee. Please review our Online Guarantee Policy for more details. offers information and resources on our site to provide additional assistance. Review the website for details. You can also sign up on our facebook or twitter account to receive additional resources and helpful tips. will make all class materials available after you pass your final exam. To access the information, simply login to your account. You will have access to all the materials, but you will not have the ability to retake the quizzes or the final exam. These programs are available for reference purposes only. Please be thoughtful. Class materials may not be used without prior written consent. Able 2 Adjust, Inc.® 2008-2014.

The components of the parenting classes are intended for educational purposes only. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute mental health therapy, give information on specific mental health disorders nor medications to treat mental health disorders. Participants are encouraged to discuss specific mental health questions with a licensed mental health therapist of their choice.

Every Able 2 Adjust, Inc. class has an expiration date. Unless indicated otherwise in the Able 2 Adjust, Inc. class, each class purchase will expire with 30 days after it is purchased by You unless You complete the class, whichever commences first.

NO, you will NOT lose any of the data you entered in your class up to the point of expiration. If you purchased a class and were unable to complete the class within the time allotted (30 days), simply purchase a class extension and you will be able to continue your class at the last point of completion.

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