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Parenting Skills — Thrive

Online Classes
Parenting Skills — Thrive

12 Hour Online Parenting Skills - Thrive Class

(Foundations for the Future)

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52 Hour Online Parenting Skills - Thrive Comprehensive Class

(Foundations for the Future)


2 Hour online Class Module

Parenting Skills — Thrive

NOTICE Check out our Parenting Skills Basics Class.

Parenting Skills — Thrive

2 Hour Online Modules



Child Welfare

Module 1 — 2 Hour Online

Addresses parents working with Child Welfare



Cooperating with Parenting Partners

Module 2 — 2 Hour Online

Tools for managing differences and cooperating with your co-parent, caregiver and extended network.



Managing Resources

Module 3 — 2 Hour Online

Setting priorities and applying the principles to managing time, space, and money.


Addiction and Parenting

Module 4 — 2 Hour Online

Addresses family challenges with addiction among parents or youth. Learn basic skills to help cope with the addiction.


Sexual Development

Module 5 — 2 Hour Online

Sexual development takes place across the life span. Learn the stages of sexual development in children and youth. Guidelines for what to expect and what children and youth need at each stage of development.


Children and Sex

Module 6 — 2 Hour Online

It may be very difficult to talk about sexuality, but it is important. Tools to discuss sexuality with children of all ages.


Managing Conflict

Module 7 — 2 Hour Online

Conflict is a normal part of life. Learn what conflict is and how to deal with it in a creative and constructive way.


Effective Communication

Module 8 — 2 Hour Online

Learn what communication is and how to communicate effectively to build positive relationships.


Children and Fears

Module 9 — 2 Hour Online

Fear is common in children. Fear may arise from not understanding and from feeling out of control. Learn methods for helping children find coping skills.


Talking about Difficult Topics

Module 10 — 2 Hour Online

Unpleasant things happen in daily life, and you may find it difficult to talk with children about those things. Learn methods to talk about death, divorce, scary current events, and disasters.


Foster Care

Module 11 — 2 Hour Online

Children may be placed in foster care when families face challenges. Parents and caregivers can learn to communicate and solve problems together to create a positive future for the children.


Child Care and Babysitters

Module 12 — 2 Hour Online

Childcare programs and babysitters are a common part of children’s lives. Parents can learn to choose high-quality substitute caregivers and communicate well with those parenting partners.


Safety for Children

Module 13 — 2 Hour Online

There are many possible dangers in every child’s life, but parents can help children stay safe. Learn safety techniques for young children connected with toys, equipment, travel in cars, water, sleep settings, and childproofing.


Parent-Child Reunification

Module 14 — 2 Hour Online

Children are sometimes separated from their parents for long periods. This can be because of foster care, parent incarceration, military deployment or no-contact orders. Children and parents can learn options for staying connected while separated. They can also learn what to expect when parents and children come together again and how to make reunification positive.

Parenting Skills — Thrive

“Each day we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.“ Charles R. Swindoll

Purpose of the Class

To provide a self-directed, online educational class for court-involved parents or other parents in risk situations who would benefit from learning basic parenting skills. The primary goal is to minimize the risk of child maltreatment while optimizing child developmental outcomes. ​The class may be voluntary, recommended, or mandated by courts or other professionals.

Primary Objectives

As a result of participating in this class, parents should be able to

  1. Report more effective and frequent communication with their children about emotions.
  2. Report and demonstrate more positive interaction skills with their children and more positive stress-management techniques with self and children.
  3. Report and demonstrate more developmentally appropriate expectations and interactions with their children.
  4. Report and demonstrate more consistency when interacting with and responding to their children.
  5. Report and demonstrate using positive and effective discipline methods with their children.
  6. Report greater self-confidence and satisfaction with parenting.

All units include several Children’s Time activities to be completed with Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, School-Age Children, or Teens.

Parenting Skills — Thrive Outline

  • Pre-Core Units: Parenting Situations (Coming Soon)
  • At Risk for Abuse/Neglect
  • Children in Juvenile Justice
  • Relatives Caring for Children
  • Partner Violence
  • Complex Family Situations
  • Parenting Skills — Thrive
  • Unit 1 - Who Are You as a Parent?
  • Unit 2 - Understanding Growing Children
  • Unit 3 - Guiding Children
  • Unit 4 - What Children Need
  • Unit 5 - Managing Stress in Parents and Children
  • Unit 6 - Children and Education (coming soon)
  • Post-Core Units: Age Specific Parenting (Coming Soon)
  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-Age Children
  • Teens
  • Adult Children
  • Children with Special Needs

12h Online Parenting Skills — Thrive — Comprehensive Class Outline

Contact Us if you would like a comprehensive class outline.

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