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Online Classes for Children and Youth

Online Classes
Online Classes for Children and Youth

Focusing on resiliency in times of trauma

4 Hour Online Children Coping With
Divorce / Separation
Children of Divorce Coping with Divorce
CoD-CoD ®

Specifically developed for youth ages 10-18. This skills-based intervention program addresses feelings, communication, and problem-solving techniques. It teaches children of divorce/separation essential coping skills and healthy behaviors that foster a brighter future.

Ages 10-18

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4 Hour Online Building Skills
to Manage Emotions
Parent-Child Class
by High Conflict Institute

Parents learn skills on how to effectively communicate with their children about separation or divorce. Designed for parents to work alongside their children. This class teaches “The 4 BIG Skills” as a method to cope with stressful circumstances related to divorce / separation.

Ages 4-18

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NOTICE! The Parent-Child Class WILL NOT meet or replace your court-ordered Co-Parenting requirement. This class is meant to be taken as an accompaniment only after your co-parenting requirement has been met or if you have not been required to attend a court mandated Level 1 or Level 2 Co-Parenting Class and are interested in improving personal skills, and growing as a parent.

Children Notice When YOU Are Not Fighting

Building Resilience in Children

Skills to build resilience in children as they navigate through family transitions.

Families change after separation and divorce. Your children need effective copings skills and to know you still love them, but your lives with them will be different. Help your child learn life-skills to say good-bye to the past and hello to a new and exciting future.

Children of Divorce - Coping with Divorce

The Children of Divorce Coping with Divorce Class, or CoD-CoD®, is an intervention program for children of divorce between the ages 10-18.

This program has been clinically tested, in collaboration with the Prevention Research Center at Arizona State University.

It supports youths' positive mental health and fosters coping skills which build resilience to trauma and adversity.

The focus is on identifying and addressing feelings, effective communication, and problem solving. Research shows these areas to be beneficial for dealing with divorce, but also a wide variety of typical life stressors children and adolescents experience.

4 Hour - CoD-CoD Add

Parent-Child Class®
by New Ways for Families®

Teaching Your Child “The 4 BIG Skills”

Divorce and separation are times of stress for both parents and children. Parents often don’t know how to talk to their children about divorce, living in two homes, rules and traditions with separated parents, and other new ways of operating. This course was designed to help parents start these difficult conversations.

Building on what the parent has already learned in the Parenting without Conflict online course, this course focuses on conversations that the parents can have directly with their child. Now that the parent themselves has learned “The 4 BIG Skills,” they are in a better position to talk to their child about the divorce or separation, role modeling appropriate behavior and using appropriate language.

Skills for Children

Teaching children these skills will help him or her solve problems in everyday life, at school, with friends, with family members, as well as to cope with stressful circumstances related to divorce or separation.

Today, more than ever before, children face rapidly changing times in a rapidly shrinking world. Conflict and change is inevitable. The children who will be most successful in the future will be those who grow up with the most solid foundation of skills - to keep learning and improving what they do.

The 4 BIG Skills help children deal with specific family problems, such as divorce or separation. These are also good relationship skills, work skills and leadership skills. This course gives parents many opportunities to practice talking to their children about these issues and demonstrating the skills.

The 4 BIG Skills

  • flexible thinking (acknowledging that there is more than one solution to a problem, acknowledging that people are not “all-bad” or “all-good”)
  • managed emotions (controlling one’s anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety; learning to calm oneself when upset)
  • moderate behaviors (avoiding extreme actions)
  • checking yourself (reminding yourself to use these skills when you feel yourself getting upset)

4 Hour - Parent-Child Class Add

CoD-CoD® Outline

  • Module 1 - Divorce Related Feelings
  • Module 2 - Inside Tools
  • Module 3 - Outside Tools
  • Module 4 - The SWIFT Action Plan
  • Module 5 - Putting It All Together
  • The Follow-Up Module: Checking In
  • Guide To Using SWIFT

4h Online CoD-CoD® — Comprehensive Class Outline

Online Parent-Child Outline

  • Unit 1 - Teach Your Child the Four Big Skills
  • Unit 2 - Managed Emotions
  • Unit 3 - Flexible Thinking
  • Unit 4 - Moderate Behaviors

4h Online Parent-Child — Comprehensive Class Outline

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