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It was a good class to take it helped out a lot and answered many of my questions.

Maria, WA

I think this is a great class, all couples weather divorcing or separating should take it.

Alexis, MS

Thank you very much for the enriching experience I had during the class. It helped me realize so many things as a parent and it made me become a more mature and responsible individual. Again thank you and more power.

Crisostomo, NV

This class was very informative, I wish that all parents were required to take a version of it even if they aren't separating or getting a divorce! The communication tips are great and I know that everyone can benefit from those.

Kimberly, GA

This course was extremely helpful, gave me a sense of peace, taught me how to handle things appropriately or a gentle reminder. Just hoping it can do the same for others, including my husband.

Jennifer, WA

I don’t have any comments at this time except for my experience was positive and I would recommend it to anyone.

Benjamin, MT

I feel that this should be a mandatory course for all parents involved in the court system. This has allowed me to have a greater understanding about my co-parent.

David, CA

I think this is a great class, all couples whether divorcing or separating should take it

Alexis, MS

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