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Online Co-Parenting/Divorce

State: Maryland

County: Kent

State:  Approved

The Online Co-Parenting/ Divorce class is recognized in 24 counties within this state.

Approved – County courts have reviewed our programs and have consented to accept our certificates of completion.

This six-hour seminar focuses on the importance of parents meeting the needs of their children emotionally
and financially as well as to assist parties in developing their own parenting plan to promote the best interests
of the minor child. Parents will learn skills that can help their children adjust to the separation or divorce.

DISCLAIMER: Online parent education classes are widely recognized within Kent, Maryland by courts and government agencies; however, if you are court ordered to take a co-parenting class, it is always best to verify approval of our classes with your court of record to verify their acceptance of an online parenting class. Each state, county, and individual judge may dictate different requirements.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you complete one of our online programs and your local county court declines it, please see our Terms of Use for our refund guarantee policy.

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