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Co-Parenting / Divorce

Class: Online Co-Parenting/Divorce
State: Nevada
Status: The Online Co-Parenting/ Divorce class is recognized in 5 counties within this state.


Approved – County courts have reviewed our programs and have consented to accept our certificates of completion.

Accepted – County courts have confirmed they will accept our classes and certificates of completion. As a general rule counties are not allowed to recommend a specific vendor. We are on the resource list of accepted vendors within that county.

Recognized – County courts have confirmed they will recognize our classes and certificates of completion. As a general rule counties are not allowed to recommend a specific vendor. We are on the resource list of recognized vendors within that county..

Extenuating – Courts may accept our classes and completion certificates under the following conditions: the individual resides in a different state, the individual is active military, the individual is incarcerated or otherwise restricted, the individual has a physical or mental impairment prohibiting them from attending an in-person program and the classes meet the basic county/court statutory requirements. By court order only.

Verify with Court – County courts may accept our classes although it is recommended that you speak with either your lawyer or court administrator for approval.

Check with Court – Contact your county court administrator prior to taking the class.

State: Nevada

Here are sixteen counties and one independent city in the U.S. state of Nevada. On November 25, 1861, the first Nevada Territorial Legislature established nine counties.

State Statute: Seminar for Separating Parents/ COPE Class - Nevada EDCR 5.07

DISCLAIMER: Online parent education classes are widely recognized within the state of Nevada by county courts and government agencies; however, if you are court ordered to take a co-parenting class, it is always best to verify approval of our classes with your county court of record to verify their acceptance of an online parenting class. Each state, county, and individual judge may dictate different requirements.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you complete one of our online programs and your local county court declines it, please see our Terms of Use for our refund guarantee policy.



Churchill County

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Clark County


Douglas County


Elko County

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Esmeralda County


Eureka County

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Humboldt County

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Lander County

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Lincoln County

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Lyon County

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Mineral County


Nye County


Pershing County

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Storey County

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Washoe County

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White Pine County

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Other County

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